Product Range

We manufacture all shapes, sizes and colours of drum closures, clamp bands, clamping rings, closing rings and handles for UN (liquids and solids) and non-UN drums as well as a range of other applications. These can be manufactured in iron-zinc, zintec, galvanised or stainless steel and can also be powder-coated. Features include:

  • Special finishes
  • Powder coated
  • Deburred edges
  • Safety edges
  • Radius cuts
  • Overlaps
  • Diameter range 60mm to 2000mm

Working in partnership with our client base, we have produced the best performing UN Liquids rings in Europe, manufactured to zero tolerance, using specialist machinery, including the only fully-automated 2mm production line in the world as well as other fully automated lines for various ranges.

We are now into our 60th year and can proudly say that while in the beginning we started with basic technology (see photograph below), we have made it our objective to remain at the cutting edge of closing ring technology by constantly investing in  new technology to give our market added-value and competitive advantage in their markets.

Closing devices welded or rivetted onto the closing ring include: quick release/external lever toggles, internal levers, lugs for nut and bolts, and latches. Please image below to enlarge showing some of our range

Diameter range is from 60 mm - 2000 mm, while material thickness ranges from 0.5mm - 2.0 mm.

We do over 800 different profiles/shapes, 1600 different closing rings and do all design and manufacture of tooling for new profiles in-house. Please click image below to enlarge to see representative profile range

Radiussed cuts can also be put in the ends of the ring to ensure no sharp-edges as well as deburrers to minimise sharp edges on the closing rings.

Overlaps for the ring-ends are designed to maximise ring performance.


We pack our products to suit our customer requirements. For some ideas, see our packaging methods.

Other accessories:

We manufacture a wide range of drop-handles. Please see PDF document in "Other Products" and photographs below

We can also supply; gaskets, other drop-handles, pail handles, pail ears, bungs, lids, "christmas trees", t-pieces,tamper-proof seals as well as a variety of plastic closures, tops and pouring spouts.


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