Product Design & Test

Berger Group Europe does all tooling, design, research and development in-house using highly-skilled engineers and works hand-in-hand with our customers on new projects.

A one stop shop, we have also developed specialist drum test facilities, including drop-tests, pressure and submersion tests, to ensure performance is to UN standards.

Paul Kelly-Walley, former Greif (Van Leer)
Quality Controller and Special Projects Manager:

I was pleasantly surprised on visiting Berger closing rings with their attitude to looking to step out of the box and suggest moving packaging to the next level. I had been asked if it was possible to re invent the open top steel drum so that it could be used to transport liquids with a UN certification. I had tried several suppliers with this idea but always had the same comment "it can not be done" so to be told by Berger this was something they were keen to develop was at last the correct answer.

Together we embarked on several designs initially all failing but the enthusiasm displayed by the team at Berger meant each failure was viewed as a step closer to the goal. After several months of testing we came up with a design when put though a rigorous series of drop testing and pressure tests we knew we had something unique to offer the unsuspecting market place.

We were able to launch the first hand close-able liquid drum and to be one step ahead of the competition. Following on from this I realised that Berger were not content to sit on there laurels and in fact were pushing me to improve the design further.

Over the following years Berger introduced new ideas and quickly gained the respect of the Packaging industry as the trail blazer for new ideas and packaging solutions. The most important lesson I learnt was that this was not a typical supplier / customer arrangement but a partnership where input from both sides was a natural occurrence.


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