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Quote from Touring Racing Car Champions

"We are always looking to improve our cars performance, so it is always beneficial to find a supplier capable of meeting our high demands and expectations", commented Oliver Collins, Team Manager, Team Dynamics, who design, build and run cars for Team Halfords.

"We look forward to developing a relationship with Berger, and to further improve our product with their help."

Malcolm Cousins, former Greif Commercial Director and Factory Manager

Since joining Greif in 1990 I worked initially as Factory Manager at the Burton on Trent steel drum factory, I later became Technical Manager and eventually Commercial Director covering a period of over 18 years. For most of this time I was involved in the manufacture and design of steel drums. Grief’s success in the steel drum business can be attributed to a large number of factors but I believe that cost control and product innovation have been two of the essential ingredients. In both of these areas the collaboration with Berger over the years has been pivotal.

I was first introduced to the team at Berger in the early 1990s when they had recently set up a UK manufacturing base. Burton was the first Greif factory to work with Berger. This was on a new product development for an intermediate drum with a UN liquids certificate. As a result of the close co-operation between us an entirely new product range was developed which still continues to generate revenue to this day.

I have always been impressed with the way that the team at Berger work closely with their customers to develop innovative solutions. It has enabled new products to be brought to market in response to customer’s changing needs and this co-operation has extended to the introduction of new materials such as stainless steel and the construction of a purpose built drop-test test facility. This provides a valuable asset for the development of new closing rings when in-house resources are stretched.

Throughout all of this period Berger support for their customer has been excellent in the key areas of product quality and logistical supply. An exceptionally high delivery performance has been maintained and product quality is second to none. Knowledgeable assistance at factory level has also been provided whenever it is needed to help customers to achieve the optimum performance on their own production lines.

Recognising the competitive business environment of industrial packaging Berger has also invested steadily and consistently in new equipment and efficient working practices, ensuring that their product remains competitively priced at all times without risk of compromising the high level of customer support that has become their trademark...

Brian Chesworth
President, SERRED (European Reconditioners of Industrial Packaging)

The Berger Group has long been established as one of the most favoured Suppliers to Drum Reconditioning companies throughout Europe. They have always been prepared to work with the industry on technical issues in order that the required component is available.

Quality at a competitive price is heard as a description of Berger from Members of SERRED, who appreciate the efforts made to satisfy a discerning industry who consider quality and safety to be of paramount importance.

Paul Kelly-Walley, former Greif (Van Leer)
Quality Controller and Special Projects Manager:

In 1991  I was employed by Van Leer as the Quality Manager with a remit to source new suppliers in order to develop new products. I was asked by our head office to visit and audit a relatively new supplier of closing rings based in Peterlee. Our products had somewhat stagnated with no offering from the current suppliers in ways of advancing any new ideas.

I was pleasantly surprised on visiting Berger closing rings with their attitude to looking to step out of the box and suggest moving packaging to the next level. I had been asked if it was possible to re invent the open top steel drum so that it could be used to transport liquids with a UN certification. I had tried several suppliers with this idea but always had the same comment "it can not be done" so to be told by Berger this was something they were keen to develop was at last the correct answer.

Together we embarked on several designs initially all failing but the enthusiasm displayed by the team at Berger meant each failure was viewed as a step closer to the goal. After several months of testing we came up with a design when put though a rigorous series of drop testing and pressure tests we knew we had something unique to offer the unsuspecting market place.

We were able to launch the first hand close-able liquid drum and to be one step ahead of the competition. Following on from this I realised that Berger were not content to sit on there laurels and in fact were pushing me to improve the design further.

Over the following years Berger introduced new ideas and quickly gained the respect of the Packaging industry as the trail blazer for new ideas and packaging solutions. The most important lesson I learnt was that this was not a typical supplier / customer arrangement but a partnership where input from both sides was a natural occurrence. Today nearly 20 years after meeting Richard Swart and his team we still liaise on new ideas and projects with nobody uttering the words " It can not be done".

Philippe Verstraete, Managing Director, PACK2PACK, France and Belgium

Berger is already for a long time a business partner for Pack2Pack. They are a reliable supplier that deliver first class quality closing rings. They are very experienced in this area and a very good help in product development.

Paul Devaney, Director, Mauser UK

Berger have supplied Mauser from the start of the operation in March 2007, I have always found their service and quality levels to be second to none. The technical department has always found a solution for our demanding customer needs.

Pamela Jennings, Purchasing Manager, Gem Plastics, Ireland

Gem Plastics Ltd have enjoyed a special supplier relationship with Berger for many years. They supply Gem with several different sizes of ring for our range of opentop drums. They have an excellent facility in Peterlee, Co Durham which supplies both our Cavan and UK factories. We have always experienced the best of customer care, and a willingness to work with us on any special requests. Berger has a very good standard of quality, and take care with packaging, paperwork and communication.

Quote from company newspaper of leading global world-class drum manufacturer

"The new... container is the result of a tripartite association between (the drum company), closing ring specialist Berger and (the end user chemical company)." ... "The lid is kept in place by a high performance external overlap ring which has new design features to enable it to meet rigorous UN drop testing standards."

"Relatively minor modifications were made to the lid, but the real work was done in designing a closing ring strong enough to withstand handling to make a perfect seal", (the quality controller) added.

... "But that wasn't all. Representatives from (the drum factory) and Berger worked with (the chemical company's) own engineers to design a new automatic line at the (chemical) company's  factory..."

The quality controller said

"The entire project is a superb example of suppliers and customers working in harmony with one another."

Fibrestar Drums Limited
John Pogson, Purchasing Manager

Berger have been an important part of Fibrestar Drum’s supply chain for a number of years. Berger have consistently met the business requirements of Firestar Drums by providing distinguished levels of customer service and high quality products, at competitive prices.

Berger have been instrumental in enabling Fibrestar Drums to meet the increasing expectations of our own customer base, by continuously improving the quality of the products they supply.

I would have no hesitation recommending Berger as a supplier. Their dynamic approach and innovative thinking ensures Berger Closures remain ahead of their competition.

Rordon Douse, Operations Director, Fibre Drums Limited (FDL)

Fibre Drums Ltd have worked with Berger for over 20 years. During that time we have developed a range of locking bands that have improved significantly in both appearance and performance. Coupled with just in time deliveries and a strong support when it comes to product development. Fibre Drums have enjoyed an extremely beneficial mutual relationship with Berger and will continue to do so for years to come.

Harry Kaiser, Schütz GmbH & Co, KGaA

We have experienced Berger as a most reliable supplier of clamping rings in Europe. Berger is always able to very flexibly adapt to changing customer needs and supported us well for new projects and developing new product ideas.

Special mention must be made of the outstanding technical support and the constructive cooperation of the technical departments of both companies

Paul Rankin, President, RIPA (Reuseable Industrial Packaging Association), United States

The Berger Group is an outstanding organization that has been supplying quality products to the global reusable industrial packaging industry for six decades. We are proud that they are a member of our association, and wish them continued success in the years ahead.

Thomas Steinhauser

Quality Manager, Bayern-Fass GmbH

Bayerrn-Fass is a drum reconditioner in southern Germany and one of the largest in Germany and in Europe.

In order to meet our own demands for quality and reliability from our customers, it is necessary with suppliers ( or really partners) to work together to meet such demands for products and services.

We have found such a partner in clamping rings with the Berger Group for many years. In addition, there is always good communication and excellent technical support ito optimize and further develop our packaging business.

Greif, Spain

(Berger Spain) has been our drum closing ring supplier for near 20 years and has always offered a high quality in all products, and a quick reaction in delivery requirements and development of new types
Original in Spanish:
Berger es nuestro proveedor de aros de cierre para bidones, desde hace casi 20 años, siempre ha ofrecido un alto nivel de calidad en sus productos, así como una respuesta rápida en los plazos de entrega, y otras eventualidades, como ejecución de nuevos modelos

Silvia Hubinska, Company -OBAL Nové Mesto nad Váhom, Slovakia

Within the around 7 -years lasting cooperation, we were always satisfied by the quality of the delivered goods; it is reflected also by the fact that we did not have to solve any reclamation within this period.

Timeliness and reliability of the deliveries  were always the stregths, thanks to which the company Techberg always belonged  amongst our preferred suppliers.
Original in Slovakian:
Počas našej približne 7-ročnej spolupráce sme boli s kvalitou dodávaného tovaru vždy spokojní. O čom svedčí aj fakt, že sme počas tejto doby neriešili ani jednu reklamáciu.

Taktiež včasnosť a spoľahlivosť dodávok nás nikdy nesklamala, vďaka čomu firma Techberg vždy patrila medzi našich prednostných dodávateľov.


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