Berger Group Europe

Based in the rustic village of Berg in the stunning  Rheinland/Pfalz region of Germany, near Karlsruhe, is August Berger Metallwarenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, the European headquarters of the Berger group. This region is not only known for closing rings but also for the best of German wines and the Black Forrest.

A few kilometres and no more than 10 minutes away is Berger France, in beautiful Alsace and no more 50 kilometres from Straussbourg

The Berger group is now owned by the Munich-based H.P.I group.

Berger, UK is located in County Durham, 4.5hrs drive north of London, home to Durham Cathedral and Castle (a world heritage site), Durham University (most famous after Oxford and Cambridge) and without doubt one of the nicest regions in the United Kingdom. 

Berger, Spain is located in the beautiful seaside resort of Reus, about 1 hour from Barcelona.

Berger, northern Germany is 45 minutes drive from Leipzig, one of the most interesting and beautiful cities of the former east Germany.

Berger, Slovakia is established in a rural setting, overlooked by mountains about 1 hr from Bratislava and 2 hrs from Vienna Airport.

Berger, Holland is in Vaasen, very near the Dutch Royal Palace

Several of the above companies trade under names detailed at bottom of page


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