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Our Products

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Supplied to the leading manufacturers of metal, plastic and fibre drums, our closing rings are manufactured, tested and designed in-house at various locations in Europe together with our world-class customer base to comply with all relevant quality requirements.  .

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Please see our "Other Products" and "Our Customers" sections for the vast range of other packaging accessories and locking rings for other applications we now supply, which include the following sectors: satellite telecommunications, automotive, garden products, filtration, ventilation, ducting, domestic appliance, defence and nuclear waste.

We offer a wide range of:

  • Closing Rings
  • Profiles
  • Handles
  • Drum Closures
  • Wall-bands
  • Duct clamps
  • Flue & chimney clamps
  • Engine clamps
  • Pull rings
  • Pipe clamps
  • Channel bands
  • Locking bands
  • Locking rings
  • Drum lids
  • Strap handles
  • Drop-handles
  • IBC components
  • & many other applications

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